The Dinaric Alps, Bosnia & Herzegovana.

We have recently returned from our latest outdoor adventure. We spent a week exploring the Dinaric Alpine resort of Jahorina which is just south of Sarajevo the capital city of Bosnia & Herzegovana. We had not been to Bosnia before and were not sure what to expect. Jahorina’s claim to fame is hosting events for the 1984 Winter Olympics, with 45km of pistes at altitudes ranging from 1500m to 2000m. Reviews online were few and far between so it was rather a gamble, but we do enjoy exploring new places. If you would like feedback regards our experience of Jahorina do get in contact and we will be happy to share our experience.

Being the first week of April you can never be sure of good snow conditions, but luckily within 24 hours of our arrival the snow fell and kept on falling for 2 days. During this time strong winds and zero visibilty on the mountain, but soon the storm cleared to reveal snow covered trees and perfect pistes. Rather cold too with temperatures as low as -15C so a good test for the clothing selected, which included lots of Woolpower layers. As the days passed the temperatures climbed but still stayed below zero, fortunate considering the time of year.

Jahorina has new ski lifts throughout and all very effecient, it was not at all busy and rarely did we have to queue for a ski lift to the mountain summit. Not too many Brits out there but this will probably change in the years ahead as the resort offers so much and at a price much less than other European destinations. The people were friendly and most spoke some English. With the regions recent turbulent history in mind we were maybe a little wary, indeed Sarajevo still has buildings that are in battle scarred from being under siege for over 3 years. Next to those buildings you have new sky scrapers which does look rather odd but good to see progress being made.

Those of you who have visited our shop will know the high regard I have for Woolpower, simply would not consider going to such a place as Jahorina without packing plenty of their merino wool layers. We had a fabulous experience in the mountains and look forward to our next adventures.