Nobis – the ultimate winter parka

nobis logo Nobis Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection

As many of you will know W Slack and Sons has a long history of selling premuim luxury outerwear.  We consider Nobis to be offering some of the best insulated clothing you can buy today.  Nobis parkas have several advantages over other leading brands, they are completely waterproof and highly breathable.  Insulation is comprised of fuller cluster, higher loft, premium Canadian origin white duck down fill for ultimate warmth.  No need for dry cleaning, simply clean at home in your washing machine.  Lifetime warranty – all Nobis products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship.

A new class of luxury

Nobis are passionate about the integration of technical outerwear and classic fashion. With nobis, never sacrifice style for functionality. Nobis bring functional and technical elements together with meticulous tailoring, investing in the details. Classic fitted silhouettes are reinterpreted as performance outerwear, always designed for global movement and unpredictable weather. Material innovations with cotton, nylon, leather, and wool also contribute to versatile pieces that afford you the luxury of going anywhere.

Creating conscientiously and ethically

Nobis create the finest outerwear, always carefully considering their materials, practices, and facilities. Nobis performance textiles have distinct ethical properties. They use premium Canadian origin white duck down, ethically sourced and processed. Additionally, fur is purchased through the NAFA under very stringent regulations. Nobis also consider how you will care for your products. nobis jackets can be home laundered, meaning there is no need for dry cleaning. After a decade, creating conscientiously remains an important aspect of what Nobis do.   Embrace the elements and let your passion take you places.
Latin for “Us”, Nobis inspires you to take your passion anywhere, joining a global collective. This is Nobis. Are you one of us?
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