Canada Goose

All our remaining Canada Goose stock is reduced to clear – big discounts available now in our clearance sale.



W Slack and Sons were among the first UK retailers of Canada Goose, introducing the brand to our customers in 2007.  In those early days few had heard of the brand and it certainly did not have high street recognition.  Our early customers were using the clothing for what it was originally intended for, extreme cold climate adventures.  As the years progressed we became one of their largest UK stockists supplying customers all over the world including some very well known media celebrities.  We met many amazing people who visited our store and made friends around the world who ordered from us.  It has been a wonderful adventure for us, but this has now almost come to an end.

Canada Goose have recently decided to turn their backs on many of their original retailers in favour of selling the brand directly to consumer via their brand stores and website.  The majority of those retailers cast aside are small independents who have the ability to offer good service and product knowledge.  Canada Goose seem to no longer value the people who have helped to put them where they are today.  We wish them well for the future.

Our future is already taking shape.  We have experience of building brands who are keen to work with us and appreciate the service we provide to their consumers.  Nobis manufacture awesome cold weather clothing which will keep you both warm and dry – perfect for unpredictable seasons.